Man arrested after allegedly stabbing and running over two women in Carramar

Crime scene established at a Carramar community centre Source: @gembath
  • A woman was stabbed in a Carramar community centre car park 8:30 am this morning
  • A second woman has come to her assistance only to be stabbed as well
  • Both women were then struck by a car driven by the man
  • The man has been arrested and assisting the police in regards to the incident (NSW Police)

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Mad Jacks: Fury Road

The burgers are better at Hungry Jack’s by jicachu, on Flickr
Creative Commons Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License   by  jicachu 
  • Police say 6 youths were involved in an altercation in the car park of Hungry Jacks on King Georges Road, Wiley Park at 9pm Sunday (26/07)
  • The fight spilled into the streets as the groups took off in a red Honda Civic and a silver Toyota Rav 4, crashing into each other before engaging in a high speed chase
  • The chase continued until the Civic smashed into a marked police vehicle, with no injuries sustained to police officers (NSW Police)

Another car became involved as a silver Mercedes allegedly ran into the red Civic straight after the run-in with police. The driver of the Mercedes then attempted to fight the driver of the car, leading Police to suspect that these two people knew each other previous to the incident.

Photo: Google Street View
Photo: Google Street View

All persons involved returned a negative breath test and subsequently released without charge pending the investigation. They have supplied limited information to police, who appeal to the public if they have any information that may assist in their enquiries.

Campsie Police Inspector Macklan says

It’s a typical South West job – nothing is what it seems