Six tobacconists raided and synthetic marijuana seized in Strike Force Sodki

Tobacconist by Walt Jabsco, on Flickr
Creative Commons Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.0 Generic License   by  Walt Jabsco 
  • Strike Force Sodki – Campbelltown LAC operation targeting the supply of synthetic cannabis
  • Over $1 Million dollars worth of the drug seized, and $60 000 cash believed to be the proceeds of crime (NSW Police)

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Campbelltown LAC initiated Strike Force Sodki in February this year. Last month, investigations lead to 20 kg of synthetic marijuana being seized from a storage facility in Minto.

Synthetic cannabinoids have been classed as Schedule 9 illicit drugs since May 2012. This means the sale, distribution, use, and manufacture of such substances without a permit is strictly prohibited by law.

Six tobacconists have been targeted in raids in the past week.

Wed 12th August

  • Oak Flats
    2 kg seized and a 64 yr old man from Albion Park arrested and charged with Commercial Supply of a Prohibited Drug and Dealing with the Proceeds of Crime.
  • Appin
    12 kg seized and a 39 yr old man from Bradbury arrested after a vehicle stop. A search of his home found a further 4 kg was discovered. He has been charged large commercial supply of a prohibited drug (x2), commercial supply of a prohibited drug and dealing with proceeds of crime.

Thursday 13th August

  • Glenmore Park, Greenacre, Letheridge Park and Chipping Norton
    Police seized documents, electronic equipment and drug packaging. 500 grams of synthetic cannabis was found at a Tobacconist in Chipping Norton. A 34 yr old man was arrested in Glenmore Park and charged with supplying a large commercial quantity of synthetic cannabis and participating in a criminal group.

Tuesday 18th August

  • Bradbury, Hoxton Park, Emerton, Parramatta, St Marys and Camden
    Tobacconists raided in each suburb. Officers are currently on scene and will release further details of the warrants when the search as concluded.

Police estimate the value of synthetic cannabis seized prior to today’s raids to be around $1.3 million.

Campbelltown Crime Manager Detective Inspector Greg Inger says

Synthetic drugs are often much more potent than the drugs they are supposed to mimic. Some synthetic cannabinoids are up to 100 times stronger than bush-grown marijuana

The kinds of reactions we are seeing in people that take these drugs are psychotic behaviours: anxiety, panic attacks, acute paranoia and fear. Tragically, people have also died as a result of taking synthetic drugs


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